Children Of Bodom
[Spinefram/Nuclear Blast]

Have the band officially decided to change the band name to Children Of Boredom yet? No? Oh well.. possibly one of the most over-rated bands in the metal scene today, but with good reason being all members are excellent musicians and their label gives them a good dose of promotion in the scene. While -Something Wild- failed to live up to my expectations, it was still a fairly catchy album that had it's moments, where -Hatebreeder- falls hard, very hard, on its' proverbial ass.

Imagine -Something Wild-, now imagine all the b-sides that didn't make the cut on that album being compiled together and having a album title thrown on them (sort of like 'Reload') and you have -Hatebreeder-. Tons of great musicianship displayed all over the place, although when it comes to interest, this album is severely lacking any, with the one exception being the title track, which isn't much different from the rest of the album, just that it has a lot more energy to it then the rest of the tracks affixed to it.

If you must hear Children Of Bodom, go with -Something Wild-, if you absolutely love it without a hint of dislike, check out -Hatebreeder-, otherwise Children Of Bodom's melting pot of raspy vocals, power metal, and death metal may not be for you, despite how interesting it sounds.

2000 alasdor