Les Blessures De L'Ame
[Season Of Mist]

A grandiose venture into symphonic metal done excellently by this French band, falling somewhere between Emperor and Dark Funeral with a cleaner production and more atmospheric keyboards then the latter comparison.

The average song length spanning just over five minutes with a few heading into the eight and nine minute category may scare some off (I probably would have been one), seriously, how long does a song have to be before it loses interest and just becomes unnecessary? Seth know how to do it right, they are great musicians and create music that holds the listeners interest and then enhancing it further with the atmospheric keyboards done so they actually do enhance and not come off as over dramatic, unnecessary, or all encompassing. The vocalist fits the music very well, his trade marked black metal rasps may not come off as ground breaking but he does separate himself from the crowd. The production also fits the music very nicely, another good example of having good production without going over the top.

Their past affiliations have left them hated by many in the N.S. Black Metal scene, as of today Seth strictly deny any political connection, so you babies scared off by a little National Socialism can buy this CD and breathe easier, regardless of any of this, Seth create great symphonic music, and is recommended for anyone looking for such.

2000 alasdor