Dead, Hot, And Ready

After the masterful -Restless And Dead- and the -Witchburner- mCD Witchery return with their new full length opus, an overall decent offering, but not matching up to the initial impact -Restless And Dead- delivered, there are a number of stand-out songs however, but the digipak packaging doesn't help at all and the booklet appears thrown together.

While this is still Witchery in the musical sense, the songs lack the catchy metal feel they previously had from the debut, the exceptions being specifically 'Full Moon' and 'The Devil And The Damage Done', where the rest fall into forgotten memories. Witchery's brand of Thrash 'n' Roll led by the rasped vocals of Toxine is a patented mix and playing the album as a whole, while not completely satisfying as their previous full length release, should prove a worthy pick up for those who have already been introduced to the band.

Far from being just another retro-thrash act, Witchery elevate to a field all their own in the metal scene, flying the banner high and unfortunately being thrown in with the Black Metal scene because of their vocal approach, thus having them criticized by those with nothing better to do. Do The Fucking "W" (as if you didn't see that coming..).


2000 alasdor