A Coflict of Hatred

This 1988 album is still the furious pounding Warfare we know with some twists. They added saxophone (Marti Craggs) in some spots, so I guess this experimentation is what lead Evo to create the goth rock "Hammer Horror" album.

The other twist is Mantas (Venom's guitarist) guests on here! Evo is still bashing out the tunes hard, Gunner's riffing is ripping, even more so probably because Mantas was watching, and Zlaughter's bass playing is good too. Sometimes it reminds me of Tank mixed in with some Venom, which is no surprise, as Algy Ward is involved too. The guitars and drums just rip and crush you. Side Two is way more chaotic, as that side's opener "Deathcharge (Doomsday)" sounds like vintage Venom, but noisy as hell, with delayed, echoed vocals. A good, maybe great, lost album of the 80s. Maybe even their most insane release! (Now, I still have to get my hands on that re-recorded best of, before Evo formed Warhead!)

Side Dancing (One)
Wax Works
Hate to Create
Dancing in the Flames of Insanity
Fatal Vision

Side Fire (Two)
Deathcharge (Doomsday)
Order of the Dragons
Elite Forces
Rejoice the Feast of Quarantine
Noise, Filth and Fury Requiem

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