Harry Pussy
What Was Music? 1992-1995

While this band does not pertain to metal in any way, shape or form, it is, or rather was (they broke up), quite a peculiar creature. I was lucky enough to see them play live several years ago for about 15 minutes or so in a small record store, and it was a blast let me tell you. When Pussy started doing their thing, nobody could even understand what the hell was going on. I myself just stood there like a buffoon trying to remove my jaw from the floor. The guitars were all dissonance and noise, the drums - rampant poundings, the vocalist (also a drummer) was wailing and screaming her insides out all over the place.

This stuff is a total deconstruction of whatever rock music is supposed to be, and a real noise treat. Pussy's full-length "Ride A Dove" captures them at their most punishing, while this album, combining the early stuff from their out-of-print 7- inch singles and EP's, is, so to say, more down to earth, resembling a Captain Beefheart-incited trio of inveterate junkies trying to play at their first-ever jam session. This is as messy and fucked-up as rock music gets.

2000 boris