Mayhem Fuckin' Mayhem

This 1986 album was the last I heard of Warfare. I missed the next album "A Conflict of Hatred" (Don't think it was even in our local import shop), and heard "Hammer Horror" was crap.

Joining lead vocalist/drummer Evo for the "mayhem" is Cronos from Venom, to fill in for bassist Falken's departure.

This sounds more metal than punk this time (Actually more so than the "Pure Filth" or "Metal Anarchy" albums), maybe due to the heavier production. Angry, snarled, shouted oldschool thrash. I still get a kick out of their bastardized cover of "You've Really Got Me". Worth getting. No idea if this was ever on cd. I recently ordered the tape from www.neatrecords.com because I couldn't find it anywhere.

Abortion Sequence
Hungry Dogs
You've Really Got Me
Ebony dreams
Extreme Finance.
Projectile Vomit
Mayhem, F***** Mayhem
Atomic Slut
Machine Gun Breath
Murder On Melrose

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