Rebel Extravaganza

What a complex dude Satyr must be – here he is with a new album that extols the ol' vices of hedonism and self-indulgence like they were going out of style, and yet his Moonfag label continues an asinine campaign against metal fans trading digital music with each other. "Boycott MP3s!!!" - how fucking evil! The first thing that comes to my mind when I wish for the death of millions of christians. Well, that and Satyr's gay bald head and shiny new BMW. A fist in the face of god indeed!

Still… after listening to this record, which I took the liberty of obtaining on high-quality MP3 and burning to a CD rather than paying anything to support Moonfag's bullshit, it would seem that Satyr's mentally retarded anti-MP3 stance might work out to his advantage after all. Riding high on the success of the overrated Nemesis Divina, him and über-drummer Frost have given us some 10 tracks, 3 of which are fairly useless intermissions, for a whopping total of 60 minutes. In the 55 or so minutes of actual songs, then, we get a series of extended guitar workouts featuring Satyr running through a number of similarly uninspired-sounding riffs amidst a couple of interesting parts - but it doesn't matter anyway because he can’t seem to develop a song to reach any form of emotional intensity. He goes for cold, clinical, 'technical' and anti-melodic compositions, but ends up sounding like Tool with blastbeats and blackmetal vocals, rather than the godly coldness of Darkthrone that he should be aiming at. In short, it sounds gay. Prog-rockish atonal riffage and unusual time signatures are used in the Soundgarden approach by covering up the boring as shit music. Even Satyr's vocals have an alternative rock/industrial sort of delivery, uttering a string of catchy, forcibly angry lines that amount to precisely jack shit. Frost gives a typically flawless drum performance but it's too late. This bloated release might be better constructed than a lot of new blackmetal efforts, but that isn’t saying a whole hell of a lot. Just say ‘Nein’ and pass up on Homo Extravaganza.

© 2000 ibex erik