Sidereal Journey
[Season Of Mist]

Less listener friendly than Worlds and Worlds, the songs are still very much Oxiplegatz, but styles vary so often within the song that it takes some effort to listen to. Which is always a good thing in my book. Not something to put on during a party or as background music, because this demands attention. For those that don't know, Oxiplegatz is the project of ex-At The Gates member Alf Svensson, The music is black deathy with frequent steps into doomy and ambient atmospheres. The vox are mainly clean female and male vocals (which remind of David Bowie), and black metal rasps. Song themes are sci-fi oriented and this can be heard in the music even if you knew nothing of song titles or lyrics . . sort of like a less overtly technical Nocturnus. The production is clean and somewhat trebly, but good considering most of it was done in Alf's basement (or something).

2000 j. mcintyre