Third Moon
Grotesque Autumnal Weepings

Austrian black metal differing from the Abigor school. These songs have a bit of a traditional heavy metal influence and chord and riff choices are more Scandinavian influenced - rather original to my ears. Vocals are a mid-range black rasp/growl. Drums are fairly non-standard and are handled very well. Compositions include keys and acoustic guitars, keys are very low in the mix and are used as backup instruments. Production is clear, but a bit too trebly for me - not in an Ildjarn-ish necro sort of way, the guitars are very loud and I think the engineer didn't know there was a low end nob . . just high and mid. Regardless, players are skilled and songs are pretty original. They changed a bit on their second album and have a more traditional metal sound, so be careful.

2000 j. mcintyre