Gospel Of The Horns
The Satanist's Dream

Totally old school!! A kick ass release that sounds quite Frost-y without being a clone. Aussie dudes know the score If you ask me. It's like the first wave of black metal all over again with those dudes. Totally devoid of all the shit that is plaguing the scene nowadays. Just a love for black metal from a period in time when it was pure. Back then many elements were combined like speed, doom, power and thrash dressed in darkness to make black metal. No goth elements, no chick vocals, no synths, no weather report metal or smokey the bear preoccupation with the forests, just plain honest metal, pure and heavy. Gospel Of the Horns are such a band and this CD is one that I'll never part with. restores my faith in black metal to see that there are some who still adhere to the old ways. My favourite song - 'Cold Seasons Of Endless Darkness".

2000 malphas