The Inheritors Of Pain

I traded this for some demos of my band, not having heard of the band before, and haven't really heard of them since either. This was apparently Hammerheart's third release, but I looked through their homepage, and there was not really any information about this release other than it is sold out. I know this is a Greek band, and that this was recorded in early 94, beyond that I know nothing about them really. What they deliver is to a certain degree quite archetypically greek, with some more experimental parts, but still done in a very typically Greek way, and I don't mean that as an insult, but if you do not like the Greek sound and style, you need not read any further. I however find this style to be interesting when it's well executed, and here it is. A comparison would quite naturally be, I would say, mid period Rotting Christ. An interesting album and surely worth laying your greasy little hands on, to bad that they probably are doomed to be in obscurity...

2000 sharund