Crown of Thorns

The old GOATS of American black metal will always be scribed upon the obelisk of CULT. Bands like Absu, Judas Iscariot and Profanatica get their deserving attentions from the masses of the underground. But certain bands did not get that kind of attention in the fathomless obscurity. Nunslaughter, Bathym, Sathanas and Crucifier are definitely not a household name for those little Tommys that boast to be the true aficionados of the American scene. But for the legion of faithful followers of the underground, they are the REAL CULTS. "Crown of Thorns" is Crucifier's second demo output and it features six unholy tracks of BRUTAL black-death metal. If you're a fan of Goreaphobia, Rottrevore or Incantation, you'll fall in love with Crucifier's bombastic music as it embraces disharmonic riffs, esoteric melodies and double-bass endorsed blast beats. Cazz Grant's trademark demonic growl creates a perfect picture of a BLACK GOAT on his infernal throne in the depths of hell, roaring through with brutal menace. You wouldn't know that the goblin-like snarls on Grand Belial's Key's "Mocking the Philanthropist" is actually done by our very own Black Lourde of Crucifixion! Some of the tracks here are exceptionally well done, like the insane driller killer "Disembowelment Lunacy", "Soul Burial" and the majestic epic "Chime of the Goat's Head Bell". They are the true hymns of the underground and will never be comprehended by the ignorant masses that embrace those supreme vampiric fart, pagan vikingfolkshit or any of those pseudo-progressive/abstract techno-metal outer space crap. On the other hand, the roaring fire of the infernal underground continues to rage on...

2000 vasp necrogoat