...Rides the Moonstorm

Whoah this one really kick asses! This brilliant CD gives "retro" bands and labels like Necropolis and Osmose a run for their fucking money. Along with Warhammer, they're probably the most deserving band to do relive the touch and spirit of the Celtic Frost/Hellhammer kind of music. This is death metal with an ancient touch but these Dutch metalheads put in some freshness to the over-used(abused) style that self-styled old-schoolers tend to make a mockery of. The riffs offer a variety of interesting ideas that seemed to be pretty much overlooked even from the days of Tom G. Warrior till present days. And speaking of this revered warrior, there's a recording of his opening lines on World War III festival in Canada that goes like "oogh...oogh..oogh...fucking crazy!" before hell break loose with the opener "...Rides the Moonstorm". Those guys who dabble with underground shits should even notice a cover of "Spell of the Pentagram" from Chilean Pentagram cult demo '87 which is pretty much the highlight of the CD. This is just a brief summary of what is in store here, you should check out this METAL MASTERPIECE immediately!!!

2000 vasp necrogoat