The First Possession

Hehe, another "raw and evil unholy black metal" band. This corpse-painted duo from Finland has a chainsaw grating guitar sound and ultra lo-fi tin-drums that sounds like Darkthrone on their "Under a Funeral Moon" and revolving around the same monotony. But Warloghe isn't Darkthrone, so obviously there's something missing in their formula. The closest one I can think of is talent. "The First Possession" sounds like the alternative choice you often landed up with when you're sick of the more symphonic, melodic spectrum of (Nordic) black metal and this alone includes millions of self-deluding inversion fanatics making a racket in their basements. In another word, Warloghe is still wallowing in the pools of "True Norwegian Black Metal" naivety that has laid stagnant over a stretch of decade. What does it takes to remind those guys that black metal is more than just high-speed noise, unholy images and boastful (and equally hilarious) "unholier than thou"  disclaimer notes in CD sleeves? While the music is constantly kept on the speedy paces of Immortal (thus resulting in monotonous boredom), there's some old-school sections thrown here and there to liven up the sleeping pill blasphemy. Yeah, haha "OLD-SCHOOL" does sell but there's some gripes to it. Warloghe's old-school moments actually sounds like doing a cover of  a poseur retro-band like whose covering a more "flamboyant" thrash band of the 80s. The only REALLY COOL thing I can find here are those evil track titles like "Black Metal Hell" and "The Hammer of Lord Satan". Otherwise it's a major disappointment from Drakkar Productions, who gave one tremendously remarkable debut of Mutiilation's "Vampire of Black Imperial Blood". Warloghe on the other hand belongs to the shitload screaming in futility.

2000 vasp necrogoat