Forgotten Woods
The Curse of Mankind
[No Colours]

A massive improvement in comparison to "As the Wolves Gather". Great production (nice guitar and drum sounds), lengthy yet memorable tracks, and a running time of seventy bleedin' minutes. "The Curse of Mankind" is more akin to later Burzum, without the keyboards, and annoying synth instrumentals replaced with a love for rock and roll.

"Overmotets Pris" starts everything out, and a fine track it is. It races along for twelve minutes believe it or not, the entire time possessing that hopeless feel that made Burzum so popular at one point. The production is truly solid here, and this song takes full advantage of it. Fucking crushing at it nears the nine-minute mark, a quick "c'mon" leads into some heavier metal. Good stuff!

The rest of the tracks take experimental, lighter rock-metal and fuse them with obviously Burzum inspired bleakness. The twenty (!) minute third track strikes a chord, while the very much non-typical "With Swans I'll share my Thirst" (Velvet Underground cover?) is refreshing. It's difficult, no doubt, to swallow a seventy-minute album with limited change in structure, but I've never become frustrated with "The Curse of Mankind". A great purchase, and I truly respect the band for changing their name (Joyless) with the style change that came on the next album.

2000 brand