Frozen Shadows
Dans Les Bras Des Immortels

I still don't think the demo was all that impressive (despite what just about everyone says), but I'll freely admit that this CD is brilliant. Hateful, incredibly fast, a fitting production, and uniquely capable of producing each and every single emotion I want to feel while listening to black metal - it has it all!

The line-up changes were surely an excellent choice, as the CD is a mass improvement over the demo. And the production! Flawless! It has a rather exceptional drum and guitar sound, and the vocals/keyboards are placed perfectly within the mix. The vocals, just like the demo, are of major importance here: they make a person clench their fist with hate!

Frozen Shadows clearly play in the style of Emperor - but in a more evolved sense. I was never a fan of anything Emperor did after the mLP, and generally do not appreciate bands who play in a similar way, but "Dans les bras des immortels" improves on the style without a doubt. It's faster, tighter, angrier, and obviously more interesting than their colleagues. And most importantly, no classical or pointless atmospheric fluff here - the CD rampages for its fifty-minute running time! Exceptional!

The band released it on their own label, so write:
Sepulchral Production
CP St-André
BP 32 128
Montréal, Québec

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