Unholy Trinity Collection

Lust has managed to accumulate a strong reputation in the underground black metal scene within the last few years, and with good reason. This CD-R collection which was passed on to me by Diabolus is made up of their "Demo '97", "Holocaust Whore Hell Slut" demo '99, the "Apocalyptic Torment" demo '99 (which appears as a 3 way split with Kult and Unholy Archangel), as well as some bonus tracks.

The self-titled demo is very much in the DIRTY Beherit style - a bit tighter and more Sarcofago than Blasphemy influenced - but still filthy sounding. Obviously the vocals are nothing like Beherit though, and are actually like nothing really heard before! SCREAMS of pure anger: these are original vocals!

The Later stuff is the highlight though. Tighter, faster, and with a more fitting production. Massive riffs in "Storming Under Steel", and the drums, as everything here is a one-man deal now, are a good deal more technical and chaotic. Favorite overall track: 'Lighting and the Sun' - insane vocals, catchy riffs with a doomy chorus, and a heavy drum patterning - worthy of being placed on a 7".

c/o Bernard Asquin
9830 78 Ave.
Edmonton, Alberta
T6E 1N3,

2000 brand