Heathen Upheaval

"Heathen Upheaval" is packaged in a full color, huge foldout with a professional tape, packaging I haven't seen this well done since the Holy Death "Abraxas" cassette. Why the band invested so much money in a tape, when they probably could have released it on CD for the same price, especially since the tracks were recorded on 16 tracks, is beyond me! This release will be easy to translate onto CD though.

Pagan is tight, and come up with some decent modern sounding black metal (perhaps ranging form newer Thy Serpent to Satyricon even), but the Turkish trio really aren't my cup of tea.

The entire demo is catchy, indeed, and could be considered black metal "light". Obviously, fans of this style exist, so Pagan (who have been signed recently) are bound to succeed in one way or another. Hell Metal fans won't be moved by this though…

Five dollars Europe to:
PK. 2 Baglarbasi
81150 Uskudar
Istanbul, TURKIYE

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