My Eyes, They Bleed
[Evil Horde]

Death/thrash with a little bit of black metal is the name of the game here…if only the band had a better vocalist! I guess they're trying to sound very Brazilian, but it sort of falls flat, especially since the boredom factor outdoes itself on this hour long CD.

The riffs are decent, solos great, and the drumming is fairly well done outside of it's over-prominent emphasis in the mix. But the vocals are just so flat and…tired. Evil Horde have done an incredible job with the packaging though, so if you add a few extra points onto albums with great packaging when deciding what to buy, then you can't go wrong here.

I will commend the five members on their cover of "Christ's Death" though - they even do a great job on the falsetto! If the entire album could capture the power that is displayed on this track…well, then Posthumous would be amazing. Until then, they're just sort of average.

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