The First Possession

Straight-forward black metal, and very easily one of the best "traditional" releases, right up there with Vlad Tepes, Mutiilation, Mortifier, and the first Urgehal album. Warloghe don't do anything new here, but they are rather crafty at performing straight-forward black metal that makes a person feel what they SHOULD feel while listening to the style.

The music is angry and melancholic at the same time, not unlike the first and fourth tracks off of "Panzerfaust" and a rather healthy percentage of the songs on "Under a Funeral Moon". Glaur's (now going under some absurd title) vocals are impressive too, sounding like a certain Mr. Darken after turning the grimness level up to '10'. This is fucking great stuff, indeed! Some people might find the inner rant and outro to be a little too similar to what the Black Legions have done already, but it's really no wonder this release was sold out from Drakkar only a few months after it was pressed.

Tracks like "Black Metal Hell" and "Once more against the light (for Satan)" are destined to be classics amongst the traditionalists. "Once more against the light (for Satan)" is especially important, as it has one of the finest lyrical build-ups EVER.

I'd rather listen to this than traitorous SHITE post-metal bands who "don't listen to metal" and add RAP tracks onto their new work any day! It's just not a metal revelation of any sort (nor is it meant to be) but still excellent…

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