Lux Occulta
My Guardian Anger

What else can be expected from Lux Occulta other than a great album packed with more styles of music than something that plays music with a diverse selection in style (okay that was awful, I know). The newest offering from these wacky Poles takes a slight turn towards death metal and losing just a bit of the doom, they provide a much heavier sound from their last two CDís, however this does not mean that they sound like Vader. All elements that made Lux Occulta such a great band are there such as the classical, black and doom influences, but the prominence lies within the death metal crunch of the guitars in addition to the atmosphere that has always played a big part in their music. I really donít see how anyone can go wrong with buying this album; it has something in it those lovers of all forms of metal love. If you are a purist however who only likes their meat raw, their water with no lemon and their black metal with no keyboards, talent or decipherable lyrics then steer clear. Great sound, production, brilliant guitar solos, riffs, melodies, and it is fucking heavy. Need I say more?

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