Dead Kings Eyes

Rising from the murky depths of the Ozark's comes Vore. "Dead Kings Eyes" -six tunez of doom/death metal, with old skool influences entwined throughout their music. The music isn't breakneck fast or intricate, but it is heavy & flesh grinding. "Albion" is an all acoustic track, which shows Vore can be diverse. The two guitarists (Page Townsley & John Voelker), both take part in the vocals-which are brutally guttural, "Right Cross" has very impressive duel vocals. "Bring Me Back" has some sinister vocal effects. Also, including their chant of "The Charm of Making" from 'Excalibur' on their track "Summon the Nameless"-which adds to the malevolence of the tune. "Dead Kings Eyes" has very clear production, for a self-financed release. Vore will soon be recording a full length disc, & are currently one of the featured bands on Dwell Records' Sepultura Tribute-"World of Pain", Vore covers "Inner Self". Chek out their sound clips on the Official Vore site, for a taste of slow death.

Contact Address: Vore, PMB 225, 2367-1 Green Acres, Rd., Fayetteville, AR 72703
E-mail Address: vore@arkansasusa.com
Official Vore Website: http://home.arkansasusa.com/vore/

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