Cirith Ungol
Paradise Lost
[Metal Blade]

After half a decade, Cirith Ungol appeared from nowhere to offer this 4th album, saturated with more of their penchant, glorious slow-to-mid paced metal doom. The only difference here is a higher sound quality, although the album still maintains the band's earlier raw elements. The album starts with the plodding anthem "Join the Legion" then slams into the goofy but melodic number"The Troll". There is a thematic trilogy near the end of the album that deserves note, beginning in "Chaos Rising" then pursuing through "Fallen Idols" and into "Paradise Lost". I think this may be some sort of indirect parallel to the band's career, and those three songs contain some of vocalist Tim Baker's best work ever. If you enjoyed their earlier works, 'Paradise Lost' is a worthy addition with a slightly more modernized sound. Another greatly overlooked early U.S. band that probably deserved more.

2000 pizarro