Thy Second Month of Winter

This CD is a demo of sorts, with 4 tracks clocking in at about 20 minutes. Furia play that style of melodic black metal fairly common in late 90s Scandinavia, although there are several catchy rhythm sections more reminiscent of early power metal like Iron Maiden. The mix here isn't spectacular by any means, although one can hear each instrument with some distinction. There is the occasional use of cheesy synthesizers, but not constant, and the band is not afraid to delve into a brief acoustic section here or there. The vocals are not as powerful as in most black metal groups, but this matches well with the music which is generally performed at slower speeds (Furia are not too found of blast beat tempos). There is often accompaniment of clean vocals as on "Devoted for Infernal", a quirky, catchy tune but overall the most simplistic and boring present here. The title track is the strongest and longest, with faster tempos layered in attractive guitar melodies and driving choral rhythms. I couldn't tell for sure but I believe the drums are acoustic and not machinated, either way they do well to compliment the guitar. They aren't breaking a bloody lot of ground with this mCD, but Furia are nevertheless a talented band of Finnish newcomers that could take their black/power hybrid up a few notches if they work at it.

2000 pizarro