Sabbat (UK)
History of a Time to Come

With no relation to the Japanese band of the same name, this Sabbat was our first real introduction to the rasping metal lyrics of Martin Walkyier (who would later quit this band to form Skyclad with members of Satan and Pariah). As typical of all late 80s Noise records bands, this is an album of some quality. I'd describe the music as vicious speed/thrash, the excellent lyrics are inspired by religious themes relevant to the early British era, some being fantasy-based (in the tradition of the floppy 7" this band recorded for Game's Worskshop's Warhammer fantasy RPG), and laced with some of the pun-type cliches we have seen later in Skyclad lyrics. Overall, this album is sheer excellent thrash metal, with catchy choruses and inspiring themes. While the drum and bass sound are somewhat weak in the mix, it never stopped tracks like "A Cautionary Tale", "Hosanna in Excelsis", "The Church Bizarre", and "the epic "Horned is the Hunter" from becoming instant classics. The guitar riffs are excellent (Andy Sneap would go on to produce albums my 90s metalcore heavyweights Skinlab and Stuck Mojo, among others). If you want a great metal album from the late 80s, pick up this and it's successor, 'Dreamweaver'. Both are masterpieces and hold consistency with the rest of Noise's once-great roster, bands like Coroner, Rage, Scanner, Running Wild, and Voivod.

2000 pizarro