Running Wild
Death or Glory

Almost equally as impressive as 'Port Royal', at this point the lineup of Rock'n'Rolf, Lain Finlay, Majk Moti, and Jens Becker had become a tight bond. This resulted in shared song writing of the highest caliber, and 'Death or Glory' shows this. Historically-centered epics like "Battle of Waterloo", "Highland Glory (the Eternal Fight)", and "Tortuga Bay" are as fine as anything they've written, and the song also has its driving rock selections in "Renegade" and "Running Blood". It would be nearly impossible to pick favorite tracks on a perfect album like this, but I'd go with the title track and "Evilution" with it's beautiful melodic intro.

This is another legendary Running Wild album, practice in perfection. While I worshipped the sound atmosphere on the previous album, this is the band's first step into the modern professional sound that remains on their later work and appeals to most metal fans.

2000 pizarro