Running Wild
Pile of Skulls

With their seventh full-length, more lineup changes ensue. Jens Becker and Ug are replaced by Thomas Smusynski and Stefan Schwarzmann (another member who would go on to X-Wild alongside Becker and Axel Morgan). The epic, yet restrained intro "Chamber of Lies" rolls into "Whirlwind", and the pirate metal crusade continues. For some reason, I didn't enjoy this album quite as much as the few before it, but it's still a classic slab of power metal. "Sinister Ice", "Black Wings of Death", "Fistful of Dynamite", "Lead or Gold", and "Jennings Revenge" are all great and memorable songs, and then we're nailed with the epic "Treasure Island" track which is over 11 minutes in length. The 1995 reissue contains a new rendition of "Beggars Night" from 'Under Jolly Roger', with a much cleaner production than was found on that album. 'Pile of Skulls' is another solid album, if you like their others then acquire this as well.

2000 pizarro