Waco Jesus

Waco Jesus is back with their latest release 'Filth', now their on Morbid Recs.-might I add it 'tis a bit filthy at least the cover is. Just one question guys-what is with assholes?-this cover has a chick with what looks to me like a close-up of her infected asshole-yuck! Last lp cover-some chick politely shitting on some guy-why do we need to go to these decrepit places in your mind. Anywayz, the musick is sick, lyrically-their not going to win any awards, but the drumming & rhythms speak to the mosher in us all. I do like some of the funny intro's like; "I'm gonna whip ya' silly, & fuck you stupid"-intro to 'Sexual Assault' who can resist? 'Blinded' killz! Recommended for listeners of: Dying Fetus, Fleshgrind, & Lividity.


2003 skullcrusher