Admittedly, yours truly has been out of the whole crustcore thing since I picked up Doom and Discharge in my grind phase, and only recently have I tried with minimal interest to catch up with the current crust situation with the new Bonehouse, Krigshot and Hellnation records. Inflamed with a new, revived interest in picking up more and catching eye of Wolfpack shirts adorning the bodies of Warhammer members, I sought out this record.

What I was presented with when I put the disc here was a militaristic, undeniably METAL intro, making me question the validity of the crust label prematurely. I was of course proved wrong when the bonecrushing second track erupted from my speakers, a full-on, maximum gusto rabid work of Discharge- worship. The vocals, the guitar solos, and the nominal monotonous, yet intense snare drum pounding all hummed of countless Dis-core/Motorhead-core outfits of recent times, and although truly hormonally charged, this record failed to provoke an opinion beyond the ordinary in the initial stages.

I listened on, and was profoundly surprised to find the Wolfpack musical equation opening up. A sadistic use of melody is littered throughout the third track, before it breaks into a total thrash metal (Bay area, that is) section reminiscent of Heathen/Dark Angel before breaking off into a Fast Eddy solo and ensuing with the furious crustcore cacophony. More of the same is presented thereafter, an astonishing mix of the purest and most undiluted crust punk fury, yet with a stunning use of perverse melody and enough true metal crunch to attract many a metalhead.

A head-banging, diverse and relentless assault on the ear-drums, youll have as much fun swinging your fist in the air as picking out the Bay Area moments with this firebrand of a record. If Motorhead gangbanging Discharge and Dark Angel sounds like your bag, do pick this up, even though it might not be the blackest offering on the store rack. ChorazaiM told me that Wolfpack are the other side of the Driller Killer coin. Id be inclined to agree. Very good.


2000 equimanthorn