The First Possession

Ah yes, the Finnish cult have returned. After the stellar EPs, Warloghe have come back with another convincing slab of ice-cold rawness. The problem with reviewing Drakkar stuff is that there really isnít much to say about their CDs, except that Drakkar is one of the few institutions that arenít in black metal for the money, and that they single-handedly release some of the best raw black metal CDs in the biz.

This, of course, stays true to that proud tradition, and this has all the elements of Norway circa í92, the misanthropic, evil, under-produced atmospheric dynamics, the stark, baroque anti-melody, the tortured, blasphemous screeching deathgrunts, the biscuit tin thin drum sound and the sort of guitar distortion that harks back to the glorious days when Thorns and Mayhem roamed the earth.

If youíre an advocate of the new second-wave assault that is attacking us from all four corners in this day and age, there is nothing to say to you but a staunch warning that this is not for your ears. If however, you are like myself and the underground is your realm, this will fulfil your desires very nicely. There. Thatís done with.


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