Funeral Mask
[Head Not Found]

Hemlock.. one of many bands to come after the fall of Brutal Truth.. but this one is a black metal band.. and a fucking killer one at that!! This is very original stuff here.. very chaotic, but at the same time controlled.. hard to explain.. The best way to label this music would be black/grind, but it isn't done in the Beherit/Blasphemy/Bestial Warlust/etc. sort of way.. its done a lot different... This cd is going to be hard to review because it is very unlike anything I've heard before... The guitars are played at many different paces, rarely going into anything generic black metal.. very little melodies are used here, its an up front, in your face attack.. The bass is played in the background, but gives a good rumbling atmosphere adding to the chaoticness of the music.. the drumming (a drum machine I believe) fits the music extremely well, in the sense that it is very chaotic and all over the place, yet stays on beat and is controlled.. The music on this disc is very strange.. it has the ultra-break neck speeds that completely crush everything in its path, to the slower mid-paced sections full of heavyness and anger, to the slow-paced agony filled torment... and it all works extremely well!!! The vocals on this disc are VERY original.. unlike anything I've heard before.. They are screamed at the top of the lungs and high pitched, but not in the way black metal bands do it... much more full of conviction and hate.. and very, very strange... well.. little can be described about this cd cause its so fucking original and so fucking good.. so just go buy this now!

Appeal: Beherit fans who would like to hear a more chaotic yet controlled and more talented band in the same style

2001 niosrever