Limbonic Art
Moon In The Scorpio
[Nocturnal Arts]

A band that I have heard so much "hype" about, yet for some reason I was never too interested in hearing them. Maybe I thought they would be along side all the other horribly boring bands that have popped out of Norway in the last 2-3 years. I have heard this band compared to EMPEROR and early SATYRICON quite frequently. While parts of this CD may draw small comparisons to the two aforementioned, overall I thought they sounded like a better version of CRADLE OF FILTH. They are of course not even close to as boring as COF and are FAR more interesting!!! Six LONG tracks totaling nearly an hour, the first four tracks are quite good, but the last two tend to get a bit boring. "Through Gleams Of Death" is my fave, even though it has a lot of "clean" vocals. Some of the keyboards sound too happy in places, but the album does capture a lot of dark moments. However, they went and thanked Nordic Vision magazine (NV=FUN, death to "fun"!!!!!)...

2000 bathym