Hell Eternal

This album is all about dark and hellish feeling, for once successfully created without synths. With infernal guitar melodies Setherial has managed to create an superior album fulfilled with wrath and anger straight from deepest caves of hell, and forget all nice Dimmu melodies. Drums constantly blasting in hyperspeed, still changing comps and tempos enough not to get boring at any moment. Wrath screaming in a basic Black Metal style, still managing to bring something more into it. No female vocals or shit like that included. This is purest form of modern Black Metal, performed without remorse.

"Hell Eternal" was mixed by Setherial and Tommy Tägtgren and recorded, of course, in the mighty Abyss Studio. From that you can figure out how good the production is. The sound is majestic as hell and ultimately massive, just a kind of sound you expect from music like this. This will blow your head off.

For those are into blasting hyperspeed pure Satanic Black Metal, this is a must buy. For those who are in the sound of the 80's I prefer to check out something else.

© 2000 wrath