Amon Amarth
The Avenger
[Metal Blade]

This bands formula went stale pretty damn quick.

Although this album had many problems during the recording (lost members, dwindling schedule which resulted in the album only being 7 tracks long), what is left of the album is quite flawed.

The major problem with The Avenger is the song writing. I have listened to this album 8 times all the way through to try and get a sense of it, but after multiple listenings I don't remember a single song on the album.

The musicianship on the album is incredibly lackadaisical. I never found myself interested in any of the music or lyrics on this album. Johan Hegg's vocal delivery sounds pretty generic.

I suppose if this album was playing in the background and you sort of ignored it, it may sound pretty good. But if you sit and try to enjoy it on a musical level, its the pits.

Standout track: Metalwrath

Grade for those too lazy or illiterate to read the review: C-

2000 raagoonshinnaah