Evil Shred

9 tracks, 50:08

Fuck Shrapnel Records. They ruined instrumental albums for everyone by choking the market with soulless-speed-fests that unfortunately gave the metal-consuming public the mistaken idea that instrumental=masturbatory. That's why this album was such a surprise. Frankenshred is an all-instrumental power trio to end all power-trios, featuring the virtuoso skills of "Dr. Frankenshred" on guitars, "World War Spencer" on bass, and "Kelly Knight" (probably his real name) on drums. Despite the OTT-image presented in their press pack, by their stage names, and in their song titles ("Evil Shred" parts 1-3, "World War's Revenge", "Better Shred than Dead"), these guys show their true genius in the most important department - SONG WRITING. Sure, there's plenty of nimble shredding going on (by ALL band members, not just the guitarist), but it's always in the context of real songs - songs that GO somewhere and SAY something. The band's use of dynamics is excellent, and overall there are really few solos in the traditional sense. The lead parts often work like verses or vocal parts in a way... and they are supported by some of the thrashiest, most bone-crushing riffs I've heard in a long time. The moods go from flashy to somber to sinister, but the excellent playing and SONG WRITING keep it all together and flowing naturally. Words almost fail when trying to describe the genius of an all-instrumental band, and when that band is this good all I can say is 'GET IT - THEY FUCKING RULE!'

2000 lord vic
[ originally appeared in EFW#9 ]