Limbonic Art
Ad Noctum -
Dynasty of Death
[Nocturnal Art]

I have never actually liked Limbonic Art, although I have respected their very unique music style and their superb musicianship, but the fact that they use a LOT of synths and drum machine has always kept me away from this band. When I heard about this new album I wasn't excited at all, but thought that "well.. let's check it out". I listened it few times and it fucking hit me (what I would have never expected it to do).

First of all, the drums. They must have been sampled from real drums as they sound that good, best machine drums I have ever heard so one minus off from Limbonic Art. Then the speed of the songs, first song entitled "The Dark Paranormal Calling" starts with fast blasting and keeps going for a quite long time and so does many of the songs. Overall this is a damn fast album which is always a good thing. About the guitars, I think that Limbonic Art have concentrated on them more than on previous albums so it's not all about synthesizers which keep the songs alive, actually I find the synths on several songs being more in the background creating the atmosphere than leading the songs onwards. Of course, as Limbonic Art really IS a form of art, songs have their synth parts but as Limbonic Art is incredible talented band when it comes to creating infernal sounding synth parts, all synth parts are fucking great. Especially first and third songs are just incredible, the feeling and atmosphere is so superb in them. Songs on this album are very long (from 6 to 11 minutes..), but because of the great composing job they never come boring. It's just incredible how they've managed to compose 11 minute song that doesn't repeat itself too much. Production on this album is ok, very massive sound and clear enough to hear the instruments (although sometimes it comes a bit messy...).

If you liked the previous Limbonic Art's albums I prefer to check this out.

One extra note, some songs contains little "technoish" parts or sounds, but this didn't bother me as also they were made with style (and there's not too much of them). Just thought to warn you...

2000 wrath