Conquerors Of Armageddon
[Century Media]

1. Intro/Ravager
2. Abyssal Gates
3. Soul Devourer
4. Messiah's Abomination
5. Cursed Scrolls
6. Conquerors Of Armageddon
7. Hatred Inherit
8. Iron Stakes
9. Endless Madness Descends

(playing time 41:37)

So, this is the first album I get to hear from this Brazilian (supposedly) revelation (it is their fourth). A big sticker tells me that this is fast and relentless death metal from Brazil, produced by Erik Rutan. Bleh, Century Media, stop this, it's a bitch to get those stickers off and the case is looking ugly, either with or without the thing. Right.

This album sure is fast and relentless, in one word: blastbeat. The blasting is all over the album and actually some rhythmic variation would really, really help. In the first track the album starts with heavy blasting and then halfway a rare tempo change occurs along with some hard-hitting axe-grinding, to great effect! Most songs are simply blasting, blasting underneath sometimes pretty cool Slayer/Morbid Angel-like riffing. Musicianship is on par and production is neat. Above all this are the fairly common growls of Alex Camargo.

One thing of this album stands out however: the guitar leads. They really break up the songs, adding a melodic touch while really leading the riffing underneath... Some of these leads are classic (esp. in the title song, it seems to go on forever) and they really add to the music. This album is not the 'fucking corker' everyone out there seems to be talking about but in producing above-average brutal death metal, it certainly succeeds. And make sure to witness them live when they're coming to a club near you...

2000 dwaallicht