Amon Goeth
The Worship
[Nazgul's Eyrie]

Upon receiving this CD amongst a few others, this one was the one that I had the least interest in, but when I finally got around to putting this in the CD player I was awe struck... First of all the spirit on this disc, if you divided it up it would be enough to make a couple of dozen mediocre spiritless bland and meaningless albums seem worthwhile. And secondly the music appears somewhat simplistic mostly, but yet it doesn't come of sounding primitive, everything just clicks and falls into place quite nicely. Their riffs are of a special nature, they have a very heavy metalish feel to them, as well as a black/deathish feel, and even a folky type feel all at the same time, although the folky feel is not always present the others are, and how the hell they managed to mix those two I can't figure out, but it certainly works well. I'd say style wise that it's death/black, but yet it contains the very essence of metal regardless of subgenre. There is nothing on this album that seems like it could have been done any better, or that it is out of place, there is not a single moment, over this rather long playing time, that anything ever pops out as if it could have been done any better. It is probably better they broke up after this album, as the only way to go from here appears to be downhill...

2000 sharund