Love Like Blood
Taste Of Damocles

Gothrock crap I could say and leave it at that... But I won't. As mentioned this is gothrock and thus not my kind of thing, far from, but the opening track "Pale Sky", after starting out with some really awful darkwave type stuff or whatever, it then breaks into the chorus which to their favor doesn't sound all bad, but damn close, the rest of the song sounds dreadfully boring though, as does all of Love Like Blood's material. Sad thing is really that I have heard to much Love Like Blood material, more specific this EP, another EP and a full album, and I can say that on all this the "Pale Sky" track keeps re-appearing, and it's the only that is ever even remotely interesting, and this one here has the most experimental version of it and thus also the most lousy version of it. Funny how one lousy song, can be better than a bunch of other lousy songs...

2000 sharund