NÅSTROND from Sweden, at these early days played very sick black metal with totally necro and okkult lyrical content and twisted riffs that will make your stomach churn, especially when combined to that constant blast drumming out-of-tempo.

I really like this catacombic thumping, screaming and pounding that this album contains, it’s about horror, worship of Supreme Goatmaster Satan, skulls, death and Egyptian hieroglyphs!

How can you not like songs titled ”Lord of the Woods”, ”Gravestench” or ”May the Rotten Bones Absorb Life Again” (wonder if this last title has BDN influence, intros/outros on these album feel like having BDN influence also)? This is only rumor information but I believe NÅSTROND were part of this Misanthropic Lucifer Order circle that threw IT (Euronymous’ ”brother”, True Satanist Horde self-acclaimed leader) out of Sweden into hiding in Finland. A bit more musically about NÅSTROND… it’s mixed in the way that you can hear quite well what the vocalist is shouting, even when he is being quite grim with his voice. There are a lot of fast parts in the album but it’s never like MARDUK or other Swedes, NÅSTROND is one of the few bands from Sweden that sound like none other do and are possibly this reviewer’s favorite since BATHORY. There is also a lot of mid-paced very dead and monotonous horror. Fuck the dead while listening to this album!

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