A Death Gate Cycle

”A Death Gate Cycle” was the first release from ABIGOR mastermind Peter K.’s side project HEIDENREICH. From the beginning he intended to experiment and explore areas in here that he did not with ABIGOR, but as a result it’s not revolutionary or anything.

The weakest point in ”A Death Gate Cycle” is the way it feels like a collection of tracks and a short one at that – the playing time is less than 30 minutes and half of it is used by simple pseudo-classical keyboard instrumentals! However, where it does work, it works well. There are memorable moments with Peter’s individualistic guitar-playing and Thurisaz’ dual vocals, his unique ”chorals” and the more generic screams. The mechanical drum machine blasts along in the tracks without much purpose except to give the tracks the basic rhythmic patterns – interviews say that the effect drum machine has here is intentional. The keyboard tracks are composed by Tharen who has done such many times for ABIGOR and he succeeds in these simple epic fantasy-soundtrack tunes.

Check this album as another side-note to mighty ABIGOR.

© 2000 black hate