Domus Mundi

HOLLENTHON is the current band/project of old PUNGENT STENCH man Martin Schirenc, who in the middle of these two bands was involved in producing and helping out of some other Austrians like GOLDEN DAWN and PAZUZU. VUZEM who appeared with the totally stupendous 18-minute ”Invocation” on ”Norici Obscura Pars” compilation was the earlier incarnation of the thing that now is HOLLENTHON.

HOLLENTHON seems to have lost however most of what made VUZEM so great. This isn’t satanic or occult feeling except maybe for the first track which has some potential with the Morbid Angel-like disharmonies, growls and horror synths. After that it degenerates into rutinated rock metal with catchy keyboard tunes, sampled choirs, bad pseudo-gothic lyrics by Elena Schirenc and an over-all mess of influences from ethnic world music, medieval music, entertaining Hollywood movies, judeo-christian religions and society.

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