This now-rare 7”EP of GRAVELAND’s infamous drummer is brutal war metal that states in the cover that: ”If you think CAPRICORNUS is too primitive and extreme for human beings, you are absolutely right!”

Yes, this is a great statement and it does apply – I am not one to complain about minimalism or rawness but always when I listen to this I end up checking if there is something wrong with the LP player.

So, for certain listeners it is essential, to others totally avoidable. The guitar riffs are composed of a couple of notes possibly improvised, there is a drum machine keeping up a brutal blast, Capricornus’ harsh hardcore-like shouts are not about peace and democracy and the production is raw. It’s not quite like ILDJARN even if they have similarities, this is faster and despite the minimalism it obviously reaches for a more BLASPHEMY type of feel.

Note: there is a mandatory synth intro by Rob Darken.

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