[No Colours]

I heard that FORGOTTEN WOODS members are involved with this and it isn’t surprising because this has some of that feel again – this is closer to old DARKTHRONE than BURZUM however.

It’s all very impersonal in a way I really appreciate; there is no mention of the ”persons” involved, there is no ”sophistication” in the music. It’s just carefully composed and rather carefully played raw black metal with demo production.

The tracks are all different ”parts” of ”F.M.” with no other titles, this fits because all the tracks are very similar. There is a strange furious energy to RAVEN that keeps it from getting monotonous; in addition to being inspired this mCD is also fast and brutal.

There is a uniqueness to RAVEN but I recommend to approach this as ”another primitive black metal band”, because that’s what it is – another fist in the face of gOD. Those who come to this mCD searching for something they haven’t heard before won’t find it.

© 2000 black hate