Blessed By Beyond

"Blessed Beyond" is a five song demo recorded June of 1999 at Jausthuset. Koldborn's approach to death metal is both brutal and versatile, incorporating unique riffing and massively powerful beats!

Vocals by Martin Leth Andersen, are rough while one is still able to distinguish the lyrics nicely. The guitar work by Henrik Bastrup Jacobsen (lead) and Casper F. Svoldgaard (guitar) is intricate and impressive. The rhythms are tight and time changes are excellent. Production on "Blessed By Beyond" is very clear. " Fucking bad-ass death metal, Koldborn will most definitely go far in the scene! Chek 'um out, you won't regret it!

"Blessed By Beyond"
'Altar of Your Fate'
'Sun of Souls'
'Breed Nephilim'
'Blessed By Beyond'

Contact Koldborn @: Koldborn, C/O Rasmus Salskov, Byvejen 5, DK-5620 Glamsbjerg, Denmark OR E-mail Koldborn @: thanatos@get2net.dk
Cost: Norden 40kr., Europe $6.00, Elsewhere $7.00

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