Live At The Inferno

Originally a double-album vinyl release recorded on their 1984 U.S. tour with ANTHRAX (Neil Turbin/Fistful of Metal era, while RAVEN were in support of their classic All For One LP). 77 minutes of live headshakin/fistbangin NWOBHM. The sound now is improved compared to a scratchy, midrange, surface noisy, bad pressing on shitty vinyl.

This collection of favourites from the first 3 albums never sounded better. While live albums usually suffer from dropout when dealing with three piece bands, I can overlook it.

A lot of classics here: Mind Over Metal, Crash Bang Wallop, Rock Until You Drop, Run Silent Run Deep, Wiped Out, Firepower, I Don't Need Your Money, Break The Chain, etc. The extended versions of Hell Patrol, and live at the Inferno are pretty cool. My fave track is the short, zippy, to the point Let It Rip (only on the out of print Brit comp LP "Brute Force"? ...other acts on it were Diamond Head, Fist, Sledgehammer, and a lot of lightweights).

John Gallagher's stabbing, wailing, Ian Gillan-like piercing vocals, and Wacko's frenetic drumming still thrill me. When a guy named "Wacko" bashes his drums and cymbals with his bare hands, keeps cutting them up every night, goes to the hospital, then plays a show the next night, for a whole tour, how can you not like a metal maniac like that? (Ok, maybe his hockey helmet seems silly now, but I thought it was cool when I was 16).

This CD is recommended more for Raven fans, and for you who dig Holocaust, Diamond Head, old Saxon, early Tygers of Pan Tang, Grim Reaper, early Iron Maiden, or even Eddie Van Halen's heavier moments.

Bad Points-I wish this was a double CD with bonus trax. I know Seek & Destroy was on a comp (Into the Megavault?).They didn't include Hard Ride, one of their best songs ever (instead they re-recorded it on the "commercial" Stay Hard LP), and other tunes which would have sounded killer live, like Hung Drawn & Quartered, or the Sweet medley of Hellraiser/Action.

1.Intro/Live At The Inferno
2.Take Control
3.Mind Over Metal
4.Crash Bang Wallop
5.Rock Until You Drop
6.Faster Than The Speed of Light
7.All For One
8.Forbidden Planet (axe solo)
9.Star Wars
10.Tyrant of the Airways/Run Silent Run Deep
11.Crazy World
12.Let It Rip
13.I.G.A.R.B.O. (bass solo)
14.Wiped Out
16.I Don't Need Your Money
17.Break The Chain
18.Hell Patrol
19.Live At The Inferno

2000 mlotek