Moonlight's Child
[Red Stream]

I liked this band's demo, although their gothenburg styled new wave of swedish death metal stuff,even though they are German, isn't really much my thing except for a few bands, as most of that sort of bands sound to much alike, and Violation doesn't stand out a whole lot, nor did they ever. They are however still not generic to the point of boredom, as they do manage to vary their songs enough to leap over that pit fall, they also incorporate enough more old fashioned death metal elements to not sound overly tame, also you'll find a bit of gothic like influences similar to the usage of their fellow Germans Dark's debut album, the gothic elements help for variety, and isn't overdone like most bands undertaking such incorperations. Although this release is better than the one they did for Last Episode, it is in no way anything mandatory about possessing it, as it is merely above average melodeath but if you plan to acquire something of that particular subgenre, this is still better than most of the releases of a band like In Flames, but still like most of this sort this album doesn't say anything, it does not inspire me to anything at all, so it will most likely end up as background noise while doing other things...

2000 sharund