Warrior Soul
Last Decade Dead Century

Debut album for Kory Clarke and his band and their first voicing of disapproval. All that was unjust in the land of the free and home of the brave got the royal Warrior Soul treatment It was a Kory Clarke rag session. Dude had a great voice and delivered in charismatic style. A clean hard rock sound that touched at metal on occasion, there's a bitterness with the music and lyrics that strikes a chord. At times it pleads for intelligence over stupidity (yeah like that will happen in our time) and it always says fuck you to those who chose to hold others back. Good music if you like going against the grain. Best song : 'Downtown'...(rocks man!!). It might be too poser-ish for the forces of hell to appreciate though. Hmmm maybe I'm a poser for liking it? Nah...

2000 malphas