Night on the Bare Mountain
[No Colours]

The second-best Polish black metal band around. The booklet is interesting. The cover is a drawing of some werewolves attacking this guy on a mountain (probably Jewish). Inside we have a great picture of a black castle, lyrics for four out of the six songs with lyrics, a picture of the frontman, Blasphemous, who looks like he belongs in a skinhead punk group, and a picture of a big rock (similar to the one that killed John Cleese in "Life of Brian"). I tend to avoid looking at the liner notes actually.

The music on the other hand is excellent. Great grim black metal with some keyboards provided by Rob Darken of Graveland (surprise surprise) and great soft instrumental guitar interludes that make for fantastic atmosphere. Don't believe those who say this sounds like Graveland, because it doesn't. Blasphemous' vocals are similar, but the music (which is provided by all session musicians) is totally different. Those who fear really grim black metal have no reason to fear this, pretty accessible really. Recommended to all black metal fans.


2000 raagoonshinnaah