[Candlelight/Century Media]

All my favorite albums have one thing in common: they make me forget how shitty my life is for the duration of the recording. Music that puts me in a state of fantasy. Just the way a good movie or book can.

Opeth's second album, "Morningrise", is the perfect example of this type of record.

Many people complain about how difficult Opeth's sound is to pidgeon-hole and what's the matter with that? Its called originality. This album combines black metal, death metal, doom, progressive, jazz, and folk. Usually these influences would all clash, but Opeth make them blend into a distinct vision.

Vocally, Mike Akerfeldt goes from a non-human black howl to soft singing parts. His vocals in both cases are excellent.

The guitars change, in seconds, from acoustic to electric and back again. The guitar parts are laid-back and catchy even in the harsher electric sections. Perfect guitar playing, but not overly technical

The bass is incredibly technical and is similar to bass parts in jazz.

The bass never plays what the guitar is playing which adds more depth to the band's sound.

The drums are also somewhat jazzy with double kick petals thrown in.

Opeth are also famous for their long songs which is in full force here (5 tracks, 66 minutes, no songs less than 10 minutes). But they are one of the few bands that can keep your attention for so long that the album feels like it passes in half the time. Each track feels like about 4 different songs since they never stick to one riff or chorus throughout.

This album is not for people who can't stand metal to be anything but fast, brutal, and direct. But, if you are someone who appreciates a brilliantly written and executed piece of music, get this CD as soon as you can.

Morningrise is an audible tapestry. A masterful work of art.


2000 raagoonshinnaah